Eager to keep the Health Blog’s finger on the financial pulse, we just perused the portfolio of Blackstone, the private equity juggernaut that’s going public today amid much fanfare. Our first thought on looking at the portfolio: “Is there anything these guys don’t own?” That was followed quickly by: “These guys are deep into health care.”

The health companies in Blackstone’s stable include:

  • Pharmaceutical Technologies and Services is “the leading contract manufacturing and service provider for the pharmaceutical industry,” according to Blackstone, and holds key patents for “fast-dissolve technologies used in many popular prescription and over-the-counter medicines.” Blackstone bought it from Cardinal Health in a $3.2 billion deal earlier this year.
  • ReAble Therapeutics sells surgical implants for knee, hip and shoulder procedures, as well as devices used in orthopedic rehabilitation. Blackstone grabbed the company, formerly known as Encore Medical Finance, in a $900 million deal last year.
  • Team Health provides contract physicians for hospital emergency departments, the military and other healthcare providers. The company was Blackstonized in a billion-dollar deal in 2005.
  • Vanguard Health Systems owns hospitals in four states, a Medicaid health plan with more than 94,000 members and a capitated health plan with more than 47,000 members, according to Blackstone, which bought the company in a $1.9 billion deal in 2004.
  • Emcure Pharmaceuticals makes drug ingredients, branded drugs and biotech products. Blackstone invested $366 million in the Indian medicines company last year.